691 Monroe Ave Rochester, NY 14607

From the Restaurant’s Website:

When we started Dogtown we had hoped to simply replicate some of the regional versions of the hot dog from around the country.  For example, the German Shepherd (onions and kraut) represents the New York City style. In Kansas City it’s sauerkraut and Swiss cheese (St. Bernard). Down south they pile on cole slaw (Southern Hound Dog). The Chicago Bull Dog and The Cincinnati Red reflect those city’s famous dogs. However, we were not content merely to recreate these local legends. We began expanding our offerings and our research and development team started to invent our own unique dogs. They too seem destined for greatness.Why? Well, let’s take a moment to discuss three reasons why we are a breed apart, then we will answer some popular questions.
the Bread
In a word–Martusciello’s. Before we opened Dogtown we tasted a lot of bread, we even had several bakeries bake us custom rolls, but we felt that Martescuillo’s was the best. We use their French, custom cut it to hold our dogs, and of course it’s fresh daily because any sandwich is only as good as its bread.
the Dog
Zweigle’s has made a name for itself in Rochester and beyond for a good reason– their hot dogs taste great. Dogtown uses a Zweigle’s German Style Frank, a skinnier and longer version of their popular Pop-Open. It cradles in our rolls like a baby in a blanket and it’s a perfect size to support our unique toppings.
the Superior Breeds
Its not just the combination of a great Zweigle hot dog on fresh Martusciello bread that makes a Dogtown hotdog a superior breed. Take a look at our menu. From the classic combination of sauerkraut and sauteed onions of the German Shepherd to the mixed breed Tex Mex Mutt, no one puts more effort into or more unique toppings on a hot dog than Dogtown.

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